From an early age I was drawn to the technical and artistic possibilities made possible by the Apple Mac. Artistic influences coming from my own relatives as well as friends led me to explore the field of architecture and technical drawing. However, my underlying passion for design paved the way to my vocational interests in fine art, design and photography. After completing my degree in Graphic Communication in Bristol, online and interactive media became my next challenge.



Inspiration is the sudden burst of artistic creativity brought on by an unexpected intuition or idea. The ancient Greeks thought of inspiration to be divine and brought on by one of the nine Muses, the goddesses of the arts.

As a designer, my works are inspired by design pioneers such as Der Blaue Reiter and Bauhaus, Le Corbusier and other modernist artists and movements.

More recently, the works of Japanese artist/ designer Takashi Murakami, whose Ego exhibition I had the privilege of seeing in Doha, Qatar, has become a prodigious source of inspiration. Takanami’s use of stark composition, grids, texture and tone embodies a timeless beauty that resonates with my own love of postmodern design.


Design Process

I believe, to create anything outstanding in this world, you have to be passionate about it. The overall appearance is the sum of all individual parts, down to the finest detail, to create the perfect composition.

Due to the powerful nature of images the creative industry has a responsibility to educate as well as entertain. It should also stir up emotion with memorable imagery – feeling something makes us remember. With the skills I’ve acquired as a designer I aim not to pollute visual culture or fall victim to passing fads and disposable trends.

In commercial terms I currently focus on UX/UI & IA, digital design and online media; however I’ve been known to dip into illustration, photography, motion graphics, print, art direction and audio.  I design every project to be my best work, with form following function.



If I’m not sitting behind my computer, scribbling on scraps of paper or pondering on my next project, I’m most likely letting off steam in the gym or finding peace of mind in the Dojo.

I also collect vintage Matchbox cars. My iTunes is crammed with a vast array of weird & wonderful beats. Propellerhead Figure is currently my favourite iPhone application.