Aviva Business Solutions

Workplace pensions are part of government legislation which will take full effect from October 2018, affecting all employers with staff in the UK. The end-to-end user journey for Business Solutions Workplace Pension informs users about workplace pensions, auto-enrolment, staging and maintaining their scheme. This can be accessed by a direct customer or employer, or via a business advisor.

Aviva, via organic searches for workplace pensions currently rank fifth in Google search results, proving to be highly popular for new customers who want to learn more about workplace pension products.


My Role

I was assigned the role of lead designer for the re-design of the corporate Aviva Business Solutions website, working alongside UX designers, copywriters and marketing professionals to deliver informative, functional and perfectly executed designs.

The challenge was to create a unique and consistent responsive style treatment that would work across multiple products, portals and interfaces while maintaining their own individuality yet preserving the coherence of the Business Solutions package.


The Design


The website is targeted at sole traders, businesses and SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises). It was important to maintain the heritage of the Aviva brand while creating a new digital experience. I adopted the basic Aviva style guide and introduced my own creative input.

The introduction of the bold charcoal colour treatment was to give the site a premium professional appearance. The charcoal worked particularly well with the existing Aviva yellow, adding extra visual pop. The symbolism behind the sunflower image signifies adoration, loyalty and longevity. Sunflowers are known to be happy flowers. This ties into Aviva’s philosophy of being a personable and reliable service in workplace pensions.

Big, bold icons on the homepage and lower pages where designed to lessen the existing corporate image of Business Solutions and add a more playfully engaging element to the design, without distracting from the content. Additional highlight colours such as pink and teal where used to draw focus to certain areas on the screen.


Workplace Pension Quote & Apply

A workplace pension from Aviva is great value, easy to run and designed for auto-enrolment. The primary focus of the Business Solutions Workplace Pension website is to drive traffic to the easy-to-use Quote & Apply function.

Key website pages throughout the Business Solutions website went through numerous UX, design and copy revisions, including A/B and gorilla testing, resulting in the best possible outcome.


Workplace Pension Application


If the user decides to go ahead with a workplace pension from Aviva based on the results from Quote & Apply, they will submit a full application.

Stylised trim lines where introduced to the pod sections throughout the whole design in order to break the flow of content and add additional structural hierarchy to the pages. This worked particularly well on the Quote & Apply pages and Application screens where standard form content took on a more dynamic appearance.


Workplace Pension Learning & Installation


The next step for the user is to optimise their chosen scheme. This process features webinars and AME:Lite (recommend AE software) tutorials and important information on how much the employer and employees should contribute into the scheme based on the employees’ qualified earnings.

A bespoke step-by-step walkthrough bar was created to breakdown the content into manageable sections. The details of auto-enrolment can be intimidating, so it was important at this stage that users would not feel overwhelmed by the information. To overcome this obstacle plenty of white space was introduced into the layout along with big blocks of colour and illustrations to aid the user through the process.


Workplace Pension Portal

It was crucial to keep the interface for the Workplace Pension Portal as simple as possible. Aviva blue was used to accent interactive interface components while maintaining a clean structure for the core content. This fits neatly onto a twelve column grid.

  • Key Skills:
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Strategy
  • Illustration / Iconography
  • Online Brand Development
  • Pitch Concept
  • Production