The Digital Garage NDA

The new Aviva Digital Garage building officially opened after extensive renovation in July 2015. Situated in the middle of London’s Tech City just off Silicon Roundabout Old Street, The Hoxton Square premises were established to spearhead Aviva’s ‘digital first’ core concept strategy.

Aviva want to exploit the potential of ‘digital first’ and aims to validate, accelerate and incubate new technology businesses and start-ups across multiple sectors through embracing the power of technology, entrepreneurship and fostering relationships.


The Vision

The vision for the Digital Garage was to create a technology innovations hub, featuring a customer lab, trendy offices, meeting rooms, breakout areas and a large events space, all created to disrupt and provoke the way people interact and think about conventional methods of insurance. The creative output of the Digital Garage will introduce new ideas to clients and customers such as TCC (total customer composite), gamification and high-level sharing platforms.




The interior of the Digital Garage is a mixture of futuristic industrial textures, fixings and finishes and features decadent interior lighting design by Ton Dixon. The name for the Digital Garage comes from the fact that the building used to be an automotive garage. Great consideration was paid to the flow of people around the building to encourage discussions, conversations and intermingling.

Aviva filled the space with talented people who understand how digital works, from design, development and digital marketing to social media and digital trading. Following the launch of the Digital Garage in London, Aviva has recently opened a second Digital Garage in Singapore.


My Role


I was assigned the task of designing a digital NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and events sign-in system for guests or clients visiting the Digital Garage. Working within an agile environment and closely with a development team, I outlined the sitemap and wireframes to create a simple user journey and interaction flow for the application.

People are encouraged at reception to sign-in quickly with ease and be emailed a confirmation of the NDA. The application back office also plugs into an admin events dashboard for registering people attending events or visiting. The NDA data captcha will be used to improve future Aviva products and customer experiences.


The Design


For the interface design, I was inspired by the industrial interior of new space and merged this with an inverted style variation of the current Aviva branding to create the base colour scheme. I was also inspired by the edgy, raw shapes and geometric angles from local graffiti around the Shoreditch area and near Brick Lane. My main objective was to create a clean, dynamic digital experience, which reflects the space, and public image that the Digital Garage aims to create.

  • Key Skills:
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Strategy
  • Identity
  • Logo Development
  • UX, IA & UI
  • Photography by HLW